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Oh, cool. Another director.

Hell House (Trailer)

History’s Biggest: Ladies’ Man

AXE :: “Spiked-Up”

“Cleve Dixon: Terrible Detective”

Backseat Bitches

ARGOZ :: “The XL Sock”

Those 2

VeedMe X

Lou’s Weirder Emporium

The Human Condition

LeBron Waynes

MyForesome :: Kickstarter Video



Ugly Christmas Sweater Jeans

BLACK & DECKER :: “Whoa”

“Neighborhood Watch”

“mac & cheese”


AVAYA :: “Remarkable”

AMERICA’S BEST :: “Good Deal”

DELL :: “My True Passion”

AARP :: “Musician”

DELL :: “One-Man Shop”

MILLER 64 :: “Resolutions”

CHECK :: Product Video